The inspiration for this one came from question I got today, which is “What hacks and supplements should I do for better health?”.

I don’t personally believe in hacks, they don’t work long-term. I like to remove before adding too.

Then, the important question - what is better health? What are you optimizing for - fun, longevity, strength? All these have different approaches to take.

Remove > add

Remove meals

No need to take extra curcumin capsule if you want to live longer and in clarity. Instead of taking supplements and adding more food, remove food and stick to hunger. Hunger is good for us. For example, it increases insulin sensitivity which is a huge marker for longevity and general health.

Remove sugar

Before adding supplements, benefits from removing added and most natural sugar is immense. Far better than any supplements on the market.

Variability > Chronicity

Everything chronic is not great for humans, including marathons and sitting the whole day. Introduce variablility in your lifestyle. Sprint for 2 minutes with all your effort, rest for minutes. Tolerate extremes. Same goes for the life environment. We lose variability everywhere as we age, from the heart rate to the exercise dynamics.

Remove plastic

Avoid plastic and use metal and glass where possible. Not good for environment, not good for humans. You would not eat plastic, why drink it? We all have it inside our bodies in 2021, so use sauna a lot.