I’ve recently completed by training-every-day challenge, hitting a mark of 100 days in a row. This post sums up my experience and answers common questions people and my own mind posed.

Day 0

It was a long 2 hours hike somewhere in western England on May 6, 2018. Tomorrow, on May 7 I will decide that I will work out every day for 100 days.

Day 16

I adhere to my decision and put in 2 weeks. Still going strong but easy run (4.00km, 6:04/km) on this day with a nice pic in front of a London bus.

I didn’t train hard every day. Some days it was 60-min hard runs, some days it was easy 15-20 minutes recovery ones or simply a push-ups session.

For myself I defined what I mean by “training”, so I don’t have a chance to slack by doing 1 push-up a day (which is still good!). As this challenge trains your mind first I define “training” as an activity of at least 10-15 minutes with an elevated heart rate of 90+.

Day 66

Climbing day.

By training every day I don’t mean only running or hiking. I was involved in all kinds of activities: cycling, weight training, swimming open water and in the pool, boxing.

Configurations were also mixed: runs to work, group runs, alone runs, open-swimming lessons with 10 people, races, boxing 1:1.

Day 72

Running in Florence, Italy.

There are many obstacles you face when training every day, but this is the gold you need.

Heavy rain, limited time due to transatlantic flights, jet lag, travel, work overload, health issues (yup I exercised with a running nose)… even races! I ran two 10k races in this period.

To back the travel up: across these 100 days I’ve run in several countries (Canada, Belarus, UK, Italy) and did not break the streak.

It builds up your mental resilience, which in the end IS the main and most important return of this 100-days challenge.

Day 100

August 14, 2018. Vancouver, BC.

It was a nice day though smokey due to wildfires in Canada. I was still jet-lagged but at 8 pm I kicked off from Convention Centre to the Stanley Park.

I ran 6 kilometers, stretched a bit and this was it. I did it. 100 days.

Day 101+

As per today, I’m continuing my journey of everyday exercise and my next check-point is 6 months which would be Tuesday, November 6, 2018.


Would I do this if sent back in time with future knowledge?


Is it healthy?

  • For the physical part, you have to balance recovery and intense periods and everything will be good;
  • For the mental part, it’s still questionable and I’ll address it in the future posts citing studies.

More questions?

Immediately send me an email because I know you’re interested in doing something similar.